What Katie did

Every time we visit Seoul, we do what Katie did... starting with raspberry ade and tarte tatin at et M'amie.

Spring come, rain fall is indeed a lovely space with O-Check stationery.

Tim loved Millimeter Milligram. This is where we found a lot of thank-you gifts—great cards and notebooks.

Repeats: Kamome (tuna kimichi onigiri for life), Vatos (kimchi carnitas fries, ditto), La Bocca (one of the best brunches of my life—poached eggs, smoked salmon and caviar on top of crispy-lace hashbrowns: yes!), pain au chocolat from Paul & Paulina's, shandies at Café Sukkara, Burger B (they have killer fish-and-chips too), menswear at Customellow.

Molly's popsSmooth, wonderful ice cream on a popsicle stick. My favourites were grapefruit and pistachio, but we also tried cookies and cream, vanilla, salted caramel and beer.

Design square: Fun knick-knacks. I bought this iPhone case—I'm always sticking credit/ID/metro cards behind my regular case, so this makes life easier.

Magpie Brewing Co.: This modern jewel-box brewery is hidden along an Itaewon side-street. We sat on the bench outside and enjoyed the cool night air with a Beach House soundtrack—perfect.

Maad studio: Tim had his ring re-sized here; great workmanship.

Publique bakery: Chocolate éclairs, pistachio éclairs, coffee éclairs...go here for the éclairs.

Coffee K bar: No coffee, just impeccable cocktails. My exemplary $20 mojito was worth every won.

Platform place: Nicely laid-out menswear shop with a good casual shoe selection.